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Jewish food and Klezmer in Carmel Valley, CA

This from Marc Goldman

yesterday (Sunday) the local Temple Beth Israel out in Carmel Valley did their annual Jewish foods festival.. that was fun.. "good eats" .. they got a small group calling themselves "Klezmer by the Sea" kind of a take off of "Carmel by the Sea". one "grown up" on accordion, a clarinet player that is in middle school (junior high) and a very talented violinist named Noah Freedman still in high school.. he has done classical for 10 years and Klezmer and jazz maybe 3 years.. I listen to enough classical I could tell he was no beginner.. he is in local youth symphony. there was one other kid also played clarinet out front of temple.. . about 3 years ago there was an all girl or almost all girl Klezmer group from Santa Cruz . don't know what be came of them.. also on program was Alisa Fineman and Kimball Hurd . she is singer. both play guitar..prof musicians.. have CDs and a web site..

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