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Thank Gopod* for the Board of Guardians of British Jews

site logo?I first noticed right before Rosh Hashana when I got an email informing me that something called "the board" had kicked off the Jewish satirist who makes fun of Kazakstan (sorry, I mostly track unpopular culture, so I am fuzzy on who does what) because the Kazak government objected to his satire and it was embarrassing to Jews. I replied with a pithy reminder of Spinoza, also excommunicated primarily because of fears of what the goyim would think.

Then I realized it was a joke. Satire.

Since then, the office uk has sent me further news masquerading as satire, and it's great. If there is one thing the Jewish world needs even more than klezmer (and new Jewish music), satire is it.

Check it out The Board of Guardains of British Jews at www.theboard.org.uk

*and what is "gopod" you ask? A typo.