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Review of "Painted Bird" in new Jewish Currents

Dan Kahn & Painted Bird / The broken tongueRokhl Kafrissen, one of many brilliant writers wasted in the deadened layout of Jewish Currents (and don't get me started about their faux website) writes:

Has it been two months since I hocked you to get a subscription to Jewish Currents? It must be, as the new issue has just come out. My column, the Rootless Cosmopolitan, features a write up of the new album by Dan Kahn and the Painted Bird called "dos tsebrokhene loshn/the broken tongue". Get Jewish Currents (www.jewishcurrents.org) then get Dan's album! You won't regret either purchase.

Mr. Grumpy says, "get the braille version of Jewish Currents so you don't have to actually look at it, and definitely consider the Dan Kahn album. I haven't heard it, but Rokhl is the latest in a long line of people who have and who rave about it.

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