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Feminist klezmer band, Pomegranate, releases first CD in Toronto

pomegranate / gezint CD coverFrom the "Mendele" mailing list:

"Gezint", dem ershten CD fun mayn mezinkale Reena's gantz froen klezmer kapelye, "Pomegranate", iz gelantsirt geven dem 8 juli in Toronto. Me ken es krigen durkh www.sonicpomegranate.com. Me ken heren dem titl yogveg oyf www.rabble.ca/rpn/episode.shtml?x=51401 (Episode 25).

"Gezint", the first CD by "Pomegranate", my youngest daughter Reena's
all-women klezmer band was launched on July 8 in Toronto. For orders
try www.sonicpomegranate.com.
Hear the title track at www.rabble.ca/rpn/episode.shtml?x=51401.

Zay shtark un gezint, Bernard Katz, Toronto.

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