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Indie klezmer recording awards - another good Hanukkah gift list!

Old friend, Riki Friedman writes:

I am delighted to announce that our CD,Freylach Time! The Klezmer Dance Band won 4th place in Just Plain Folks album of the year competition (Klezmer category) for 2006. Just Plain Folks is a large network supporting independent musicians and recording artists.

Here is their website: www.jpfolks.com

Evidently this year CDbaby.com submitted the entry, along with hundreds of others to be judged this year. If you want to see the competition, this will take you to CDbaby's Klezmer listings: cdbaby.com/found?allsearch=klezmer&allsearchsubmit=Search

Of course there were other entries besides those sent in by CDbaby

The Judges then chose 8 finalists in each category using the criteria: Does it move me? These are the nominees and winners

Rank   Klezmer Album Nominees, Artist--   Location
1New Jersey Freylekhs, The Klez DispensersNY
2Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Andy StatmanNY
3Close Enough for Klezmer, The Alexandria KleztetMD
4Freylach Time! The Klezmer Dance Band, Freylach Time!NC
5Actions Speak Louder Than Words, The Klezmer Juice QuintetCA
6Amulet, NikitovMN
7Live from KlezKamp! The Staff Concerts 1, Various ArtistsNY
8Nakhes Fun Klezmer, Dobe Ressler and di bostoner klezmerMA

Looks like we were in some really great company! I'm still trying to figure out how it happened, but we'll take the complement! To all of you who helped with this CD project in '03, thanks again! This is a tribute to all of your work. It's nice to be reminded we made a recording to be proud of.

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