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new Jewish-only MP3 site, and more: OySongs.com

Here's George Robinson's take on this new idea: For The Love Of Jewish Music, from the Aug 11, 2006, Jewish Week: "Joe Eglash turns his passion into the first music download site dedicated to Jewish tunes."

And here's Joe's most recent email (much delayed, and apology to Joe owed for the delay). While I confess to having a soft spot for Klezmer, myself, the KlezmerShack (and the Jewish-Music mailing list) covers all Jewish music that interests me. Hopefully, this generally extends far beyond Klezmer:

We wrote each other a while back about the launch of my site, oySongs.com (it launched in early July).

I just had an article about oySongs and me in the Jewish Week, written by George Robinson, who spoke very highly of you.

One of the reasons I'm emailing, besides keeping in touch, is to ask if you could post something on the Jewish Music from a World Perspective (is that the name?) listserv that you manage inviting artists to sign up to sell their music on oySongs. I have a special interest in Klezmer (as a klezmer myself) bands.

Just got back from the CAJE conference (Duke U) where I was co-chair of entertainment—we booked a lot of musicians/bands, but among them was Steve Weintraub and the Klezmer Mountain Boys. Amazing.

Joe Eglash

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