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10 years for the Jewish Music Web Center

I can't believe it's been 10 years! The only Jewish music website that matters as much—may even matter more—than the KlezmerShack is the Jewish Music Web Center. This is also the central place for information about Jewish women and music. Of course, when talking about the the Jewish Music Web Center, I sometimes feel like the guy in the old Remington shaver ads. In this case, I was so blown away by the person who created and maintains the site, that I convinced her to marry me.

From the Jewish-Music mailing list:

It's the 10th Anniversary of JMWC !!

The Jewish Music Web Center is celebrating 10 years online this month! My first research bibliography and organized list of Jewish websites appeared in February, 1997. I went 'live' with the www.jmwc.org domain name the following February—making this the 10th anniversary year. In 1997, there were fewer than 70 websites devoted to Jewish music. Today, there are hundreds. The astounding growth of the Internet has allowed connections to people devoted to Jewish music all over the world.

Thank you ALL for a wonderful 10 years!
Judy Pinnolis

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