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Budowitz releases insanely great live recording

album coverWe are very excited to let you know that our new release by Budowitz is now
ready and available on our online shop. It will be available in other venues soon.

Budowitz members include Josh Horowitz and Cookie Segelstein from Veretski Pass, clarinetist Christian Dawid and 3 musicians from Hungary: Tamás Gombai, Sándor D. Tóth and Zsolt Kürtösi.

Here is the link to the album's page on our website. You can hear samples, get
to know the musicians and also read an interview with Josh Horowitz.

This is Budowitz's third recording, celebrating its 12th year anniversary with an unbelievable double CD recorded live from concerts in Zurich and Geneva by Swiss National Radio.

Joshua Horowitz - Tsimbl, 19th Century Accordion
Christian Dawid - C-Clarinet
Tamás Gombai - Violin
Cookie Segelstein - 19th Century violin and viola
Sándor D. Tóth - Violin, 3-String Viola
Zsolt Kürtösi - ¹Cello

If you've ever wondered what this seminal band actually does on stage live with no overdubs, this is your chance. The music is stunning, with repertoire that is entirely fresh to the klezmer world. The band lays to rest the idea that klezmer music is one monolithic style of music; The CD is a feast of musical styles, conceived as two parts of a concert, moving through 10 regions (9 Gubernias and Transylvania) where Jews have settled in eastern Europe.

Each suite has its own character and features each of the musicians. Amidst all of the sounds, colors, styles, rhythms and moods, the CD manages to weave original works by four of the band members into the fabric, with each composition serving the whole with no seams showing.

Not only is the music on this double CD fascinating and beautiful, the artwork and booklet are stunning as well. It is packaged in an 8-fold digipack with a hand painted watercolor by Emily Lubanko on the front and a 12-page booklet tucked inside with notes about each track and a veritable photo album of pictures of the group at home, in the field, on stage and rehearsing.

We hope you will enjoy listening to this album as much as we enjoyed producing it!

P.S. The headline was invented here at the KlezmerShack, upon listening to the recording and was not part of the original press release.