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Set list - Klezmer: The Next Generation

We had a really large crowd last night at my attempt to DJ a set list around "klezmer:the next generation." I am much gratified! I am still working out how much talk goes with how much music, and tried to err on the side of the music. I put up the set list a few minutes, ago. I tried to annotate everything so that people could find the recordings they enjoyed and dig in more deeply.

I also listed a few artists that I meant to include, and sure enough, the first person to email me right after I put up the list (noting some awkward wording in one of the descriptions) was yet another artist I could have included, especially if I had wanted to focus more on Yiddish song: Lori Cahan-Simon whose recordings of once-obscure, "it's about time someone brought them into the light—or sound— of day" Yiddish songs have been a treasure. Her most recent release, Chanukah is Freylekh! proves my point—there is too much excellent new music out to capture in one evening, and I plead as I did at the bottom of my set list: I had to stop somewhere—the entire KlezmerShack is about "Jewish Music: The Next Generation."