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Living Tradiitons releases Zeev Scooler CD

Zeev Schooler CD coverLiving Traditions has just released a new CD anthology of the beloved Yiddish actor Zvee Scooler's selected radio performances, poetry, and even commercials. This is the first in a series in Living Traditions' releases—in the original Yiddish—of rare selections from the Yiddish Radio Project archives.

From the 1930s until his death in 1985, Zvee Scooler (aka "Der Grammeister") thrilled tens of thousands of WEVD radio listeners with his pithy, exciting and timely verse. Here, reissued for the first time, are six of Scooler's most memorable performances—plus a Bonus Track—which best exemplify the Golden Age of Yiddish radio:

  • Vakatsye in di Berg (Part One) (Vacation In The Mountains) 1947
  • Station ABCD 1947
  • How He Got the Title "Grammeister"/ Balaam's Donkey 1973
  • Berel Bass Shpilt Baseball 1947
  • Nixon, Dean, and Watergate 1972
  • Gornisht—Nothing 1947
  • Ajax Commercial 1952

The CD may be ordered online at www.zveescooler.com or www.livingtraditions.org/docs/scoolercd.htm or by sending a check for $18 ($15 plus $3 shipping/handling) made payable to Living Traditions to 45 East 33rd Street, Suite B2A, New York, NY 10016 or by calling (212) 532-8202.