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TRANSKAPELA (Poland) - new record and new concerts - available all Year 2007

CD coverDear Friends,

I am glad to inform you that in January 2007 a new record "OVER THE VILLAGE" was presented by Transkapela group.

After the success of our first album—SOUNDS & SHADOWS, which was rewarded with a title of the best Polish folk record 2005 year in the Polish Radio record competition as the Folk Phonogram of the Year Award, it is time for the next disc of the band.

The OVER THE VILLAGE record is the continuation of the musical imagination about the times of Klezmers from the Carpathians. Musicians of TRANSKAPELA, once again reaches to the roots of the Carpathian music, searches once more for the trace of the village klezmers and musicians splendour, who separately and together played on village weddings, religious holidays and festivities.

This time, it is a sort of metaphysical story about the Carpathian village. Village, like in the old days, inhabited by Bukovina highlanders, Hutsuls, Jews, Gypsies, Polish, Romanians, Hungarians and many more from the abundace of the Transcarpathian cultures.

A music stroll on the village path is an attempt to experience the truth about past time, not by understanding but instincitively, by touching the existing sound, melody... Or how else? How to get closer to the Carpathians inhabitants' mystery of the world of beliefs and customs from the time of the wandering Klezmers…?

Ewa Wasilewska – violin, mazanki - little fiddle
Maciej Filipczuk – violin, fiddle with trumpet, guitar /zongura /
Robert Wasilewski – hammered dulcimer, viola, shepherd’s pipes, jew’s harp, guitar /zongura /
Piotr Pniewski – cello, double bass, drum, gardon

I would like to encourage you to be familiar with this publication. Polish folk music enjoys unflagging interest and recognition in Western Europe. This is a good time for emphasizing the valuable phenomenons of this trend also to the new receivers. The music of Transkapela is one of the most interesting achievements of this kind in last years.

Journalists interested in this record and in the publication of the author's view about it (review), please do not hesitate to contact us. Tell us about the possibilities of publication in the media. Also send us your name, phone number, e-mail and postal addresses, which are required to send you discs and other info materials. I invite you to visit our web site: www.transkapela.com

Transkapela will be touring throughout all year of 2007.

Concerning the concerts and other information, please contact:
Dariusz Startek
ul. Tytusa 14 A / 1
72-006 Szczecin - Mierzyn Poland
ph./fax: +48.91.4237712

our artists:
Transkapela, Dobranotch, Septeto Nacional - worldwide Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Bajofondo Tango Club - Central Europe Cesaria Evora, Richard Bona - Poland