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Three new Yiddish publications—two songbooks—from Medem, France

The Paris Yiddish Center-Medem Library has recently published three books (two song collections and a book of short stories):

The catalogue of the "Medem-Bibliotek" Publishing House includes 12 titles to date. Full details at: www.yiddishweb.com/medem/Publications.html

  1. Oyfn veg - Yiddish folksongs with harmonies for choral singing by Jean Golgevit. 147 pages, 25 euros.
    This collection includes 34 songs in Yiddish, 2 in Judezmo, 1 in Hebrew and 2 in French. Jean Golgevit (Goldgevicht) is a professional choral conductor. Every song has the sheet music for each voice, the text in both Yiddish script and transliteration, and a translation into French. For some of the songs 2 or 3 different harmonizations are given. All the songs are well-known in the repertory, such as Di Alte Kashe, Papirosn, or Zol Zayn.
  2. Tshiriboym : naye yidishe lider - by Jacques Grober. 162 pages, 25 euros.
    Jacques Grober was a singer, author and composer of the generation of Paris Yiddishists born after the war, a son of survivors of the Shoah. He died last summer, at the height of his creative career. For the past 20 years he had written new songs in Yiddish, which he performed himself. The collection contains 48 songs with contemporary themes and contemporary musical styles. Each song is printed with its sheet music, the Yiddish text, the transliteration and a French translation. At the back of the volume are translations of every song into English.
  3. Dovid Umru : A la croisée des chemins (At the crossroads) 289 pages, 25 euros.
    Dovid Umru was born in Lithuania in 1910 and died in 1941. He was a painter as well as a writer. The volume consists of a French translation of 11 of his short stories. (The original Yiddish text is not given.)

Der Parizer yidish-tsenter Medem-bibliotek hot letstns aroysgegebn dray bikher (tsvey zinglider-zamlungen un a band dertseylungen) :

  1. Oyfn veg : yidishe folkslider harmonizirt far a khor fun Jean Golgevit.
    147 zaytn, 25 eyros.
    Di zamlung nemt arum 34 lider oyf yidish, 2 oyf dzhudezmo, 1 oyf hebreish un 2 oyf frantseyzish. jean Golgevit (Goldgevikht) iz a profesyoneler khorfirer. Far yedn lid vern gedrukt di partitur far yeder shtime, der yidishn tekts mit a transliteratsye un di iberzetsung oyf frantseyzish. Far a teyl lider zenen dos

    2 tsi 3 farsheydene harmonizirungen. Ale lider zenen bakante folkslider vi Di alte kashe, papirosn oder Zol zayn.
  2. Tshiriboym : naye yidishe lider, fun Jacques Grober.
    162 zaytn, 25 euros.
    Jacques Grober iz geven a zinger, a mekhaber un a kompozitor fun dem dor Parizer yidishistn, kinder funem shayres-hapleyte. Er iz geshtorbn letstn zumer in zayn blitsayt. In di letste 20 yor hot er geshribn zinglider velkhe er hot aleyn gezungen. Di zamlung nemt arum 48 zinglider oyf haynttsaytike temes un ritmen. Far yedn lid vern gedrukt di partitur, der yidisher tekst mit a transliteratsye un di iberzetsung oyf frantseyzish. Baym sof band gefint zikh an iberzetsung oyf english far yedn lid.
  3. Dovid Umru : A la croisée des chemins. Nouvelles traduites du yiddish
    289 zaytn, 25 eyros
    Dovid Umru iz geboyrn gevorn in 1910 in der Lite un umgekumen in 1941. Er iz geven a moler un a mekhaber. Der band nemt arum di frantseyzishe iberzetsung fun Umrus 11 dertseylungen. Der yidisher moker vert nisht gedrukt in band.
  4. Der katalog fun farlag 'Medem-bibliotek' nemt arum besakhakl 12 titlen.
    Ale protim oyf adres : www.yiddishweb.com/medem/Publications.html