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Extended liner notes to "Shalom Comrade!" announced, plus new articles

CD coverProfessor Joel Rubin posts this note to the Jewish-Music list:

I'm happy to announce that the extended booklet text to the CD Shalom Comrade!: Yiddish Music in the Soviet Union 1928-1961 (Schott Wergo SM 1627-2) by Rita Ottens and myself is finally available:


This includes a lengthier essay in English and Russian, a shorter version of same in German, plus complete song texts in Yiddish and transliterated Yiddish with English translations. For a variety of reasons, it ended up taking about one year longer than we had originally planned.

I think I also neglected to mention the recent publication of the following book, which may interest some of you:

Juedische Musik und ihre Musiker im 20. Jahrhundert (Jewish Music and Its Musicians in the 20th Century), ed. Wolfgang Birtel, Joseph Dorfman and Christoph-Hellmut Mahling. Schriften zur Musikwissenschaft (Musicological Writings; Musicology Institute of the University of Mainz). Mainz: ARE Musikverlag, 2006.

This came out of an international conference on Jewish music at the University of Mainz in 1998 and contains the following articles:

Joel E. Rubin. Heyser Bulgar (The Spirited Bulgar): Compositional process in Jewish-American dance music of the 1910s and 1920s.

Rita Ottens. "Die wueste Stadt Berlin": Ein Versuch zur Standortbestimmung jiddischer Musik unter den juedischen Zuwanderern aus der ehemaligen Sowjetunion in Berlin ("The Desolate City of Berlin": An attempt to determine the position of Yiddish music among Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union).

The volume also contains an article by ethnomusicologist Gila Flam of Jerusalem as well as a number of articles on various interactions of Jews and Western art music.