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a zisn pesakh

album coverAs I get ready to start the first seder, I find myself thinking about music for Passover. It is a holiday where I find myself singing loudly (to many people's distress) and often, but not one where there are so many recordings that come to mind.

Still, this is a good time to mention Yehoram Gaon's pioneering LP of Sephardic Passover songs. Here's a nice link on Richard Silverstein's blog, along with a link to the music, now available as part of a 2-CD set, from everyone's favorite online music store, Hatikvah Music (it used to be everyone's favorite Jewish music store, but Hatikvah no longer has a storefront.)

Moving back to the future, I am happy to make a strong mention of Cincinnati singer Lori Cahan-Simon's 2001 Songs my bubbe should have taught me, vol. one: Passover. You can also get Lori's CD from Hatikvah, of course!

But, suppose you've been there and down all that? What if you're ready to deconstruct the seder? There is only one answer, the SoCalled Seder. From the JDUB website:

album coverPassover starts Monday night at sundown. Many of you will gather with friends and family for 4 cups of wine, 4 questions, and more dry, flat, unleavened bread than you'd care to think about. Socalled's Passover masterpiece: The Socalled Seder: A Hip Hop Haggadah is the perfect antidote to a seder as dry as the matzah you're going to eat. It makes a great Afikomen prize. Whether you drink the 4 cups or not, its a great sountrack to the first week of April.

Order today and get it in time for your Seder from the JDub Webstore for only $7.99! Or download it from itunes or emusic Listen to Who Know's One? and 2nd Cup: Bless the Wine, and hear two more tracks on Socalled's myspace page!

A sweet Passover to one and all.