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Video of new Minneapolis band, "Classic Klesmer"

Doug Cole sends in the following. I am hoping for updated listings on the klezmershack's band pages, soon:

My partner Judith Eisner, fidl has a very nice website that has video of her new band: Classic Klezmer. You may remember her from the remarkable photo of the Tsatskelehs All grrrl klezmer band posted on your band list a few years ago. And of course you will recognize her from Klez Kanada, she has attended last five years or so. The band was recorded at a cable tv station here in Minneapolis and the cable people have a website where they display local talent(baby blue arts). So check it out and tell everyone! I'm the biggest fan of course being her partner.

It's not as easy to play as YouTube, but if you have Windows Media Player, you should be okay.