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Marty Schwartz, Budowitz, KlezCalifornia on video

Martin Schwartz; image from KQEDItzik Gottesman posted this to the Jewish-Music list. It's a dynamite ~7 minute clip from the Bay Area's KQED on the Klezmer Revival today, and about the most recent KlezCalifornia featuring Budowitz:

It's a segment from the KQED show, Spark(?) This aired in June, 2007:
KlezCalifornia, www.kqed.org/arts/places/spark/profile.jsp?id=17340

"We don’t quite understand how it’s gone on for decades and continues to be vital." —Martin Schwartz

After I posted this yesterday, Marty Schwartz e-mailed with his own evaluation of the piece:

"Hi , Ari! Hope yr doing welll. You may share/forward this; please do, actually.

"Pity they didn't play (prob. due to considerations of time) the proto-jazz trumpet doina solo prefacing the upbeat tune on the 1st record I present (it's all on my Arhoolie klezmer reissue, cut 6, Orchestre Goldberg on a Greek disk of 1908 Istanbul.

"Dunno who came up with the bit about band not stopping til the dancers 'shvits'.

"Apparently it was meant to supply a little quasi-Yiddish coloration (as though Yiddish shvits is more funky than the more widespread saline exudate called 'sweat').

"I think was excellently done (I had fun, too), like the other shows in the Spark series."