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KlezKanada Budowitz rebate offer

Why did I finally get it together to get my review of the new Budowitz Live CD (previous blog post)? In part it's because of a mix-up at KlezKanada, where the price of the CD was set at $55 Canadian, instead of the intended price. Despite the price, several people bought the CD (and got their money's worth, in my never humble opinion). But the CD is significantly cheaper, so bandleader Josh Horowitz has requested that this notice be posted:

Dear Klez Kanada campers who bought the new Budowitz Live CD: My guilty apologies to you for making you pay 55 Canadian dollars for the double CD. The CD was supposed to sell less but I accidentally put the number of CDs I brought with me (55) as the price, which turns out to be unconscionably high by any standards.

I would like to refund each person 16 U.S. Dollars (the difference minus the 20% commission taken by the vendor) please let me know who you are with a short email to me.

Thanks and sorry for the mixup!
Josh Horowitz