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On the importance of reading email--another reminder

For weeks I have noticed problems with serving the Klezmershack pages. But nobody complained, so I figured it was just some weirdness on my computer. I also ignored email from my ISP (internet service provider) about how they were upgrading my webserver from one version to another, and in particular, how some configuration options would change.

Ho ho ho.

At any rate, this afternoon I confirmed that the Klezmershack pages were unusable. Oops. Once I got home from work and did my homework (oh, so appropriately I am taking a course in, um, "Software Quality Assurance" this semester. Don't expect time to retrofit what I've learned here :-).), it took only a few minutes to find the error and fix it. I also discovered that the "control panel" provided by my ISP lies, lies, lies. I wasted a good half hour testing various configuration options to no effect. Well, duh. If the control panel doesn't write the changes to your disk....

Fortunately, I am a seasoned professional. I put on a bit of music by the latest new arrival, "The Lithuanian Empire" and proceeded to unscramble all. As long as I'm working on this stuff, maybe I'll make time during Sukkoth to fix font sizes and the ability to comment on posts and stuff.

Or, the Messiah could arrive ;-).