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Review of latest Budowitz album in Songlines Magazine

Ates Temeltas, Golden Horn Baalbayis, wrote (last June):

Budowitz / Live CD cover - mighty fishy!Latest issue of Songlines magazine (July/August 2007) features a review of the new Budowitz CD by Simon Broughton, the editor. This new album has been selected as one of the Top of the World albums.

Here is the first and last sentence of the review: "Budowitz are surely the best band playing old-time Jewish instrumental music from Eastern Europe around right now....Throughout the disc the music is raw and gutsy ­ played with great artistry and a sense of fun."

Complete review is available at: www.songlines.co.uk/topoftheworld/top-of-the-world.php?id=24 There are also 3 tracks from the album in the compilation CD that comes with the magazine. This is where you can find more info on the album: http://www.goldenhorn.com/display.php4?content=records&page=ghp029.html