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Video/Audio: Twisting Tradition: Music History and Cultural Change, LA, Spring 2007

Imagine two of the most creative people in Jewish music: Frank London and Jewlia Eisenberg on a panel moderated by their equal in cultural commentary, Josh Kun. They talk, they, sing, they play recordings. It happened at the Nextbook “Acting Jewish” festival held at UCLA in April. In a recent visit, Jewlia talked about the panel as one of the most fun event of its type in which she had participated. Listen or watch:

Musicians Jewlia Eisenberg and Frank London chat with writer Josh Kun about Jewish music, and perform live.

still from Nextbook panel w/Frank London, Jewlia Eisenberg, and Josh Kun

WATCH: nextbook.org/festivals/video.twistingtradition.html

LISTEN: audio.nextbook.org/2007lafestivalaudio/Twisting%20Tradition.mp3

P.S. Pay very close attention to Jewlia talking about her new amulets project. This is very, very, very worth seeing/hearing when it comes to a location near you.