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Honkfest in Somerville, MA, Oct 5-7, 2007

honkfest graphic, somerville, ma, Oct 5-7, 2005There is something special about a band marching in a parade. It doesn't have to be an "official" marching band, as at Veteran's Day parades or football games. When I lived in Santa Cruz I remember some glorious marches with a delightful cacophony of musicians and street performers. Anyone who has attended a Gay Pride parade knows of what I speak—but so do the people who have attended Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Sometime in the last few years, this mix of loud brassy music has gotten fused with social concerns, with community activities, and something noisy and edgy and extremely fun. This weekend, in Somerville, MA, there is a "Festival of Activist Street Bands." One of the organizers turns out to be one of my professors from UMass/Boston's College of Public and Community Service, Reebe Garofalo.

So, tonight there are bands in the Abbey Lounge, in Inman Square. Tomorrow, though, there is a day of concerts in Davis Square, from noon to 7pm. And Sunday? Can you say parade? Sets out at noon from Davis Square to Harvard Square, followed by performances at the Harvard Square Oktoberfest. To find out more about the honkfest, check out the honkfest website. If you see Judy and I there, stop by and say, "hello"!