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"A Night in the Old Market" opens in Philly

From Frank London, via Sam Weiss on the Jewish-Music list:

poster"… after ten years of work, many partial versions, a CD of the music … we are having the World Premiere of A NIGHT IN THE OLD MARKETPLACE, the musical that Glen Berger, Alex Aron & I adapted from Y. L. Peretz' 1907 Yiddish masterpiece. Our version is an insane wild dark philosophical comedy, with a wild band of the freakiest klezmer musicians in Philly, an amazing cast, beautiful sets and design, costumes by ex-Hasidic fashion designer Levi Okunov, animations by Mornography and Tine Kindermann…. It is huge and exciting. In fact, I am sitting in the theater teching the show and it is stunningly beautiful and so much fun.

There are lots of tickets available and info is at the Prince Music Theater website. Previews started September 28 and the show continues until October 21 2007.

The other issue is that, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Prince needs help getting the word out about this show. And that is a shame because it is really good and exciting, and deserves to be seen. We are really trying to make Yiddish Theater that is not nostalgic, not self referential, intelligent, fun, challenging & a bit of the anti-Fiddler. Think Tom Waits or Kurt Weill do klezmer. It is especially interesting to people interested in new Jewish theater and culture.

And here's the pitch: if you can help spread the word it would be appreciated. Forward this email, post it on listserves, anything, Thank you.