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New series from Stewart Cherlin: "Apprehension and Longing"

Frequent KlezmerShack contributor Stewart Cherlin wrote two fascinating articles this past summer around the theme of "Apprehension and Longing:"

Schoenberg: Erwartung (Ausstattung) / Expectation (Stage settings)"For Europe, the early decades of the twentieth century was a time of transition, anxiety, instability and the rise of unprecedented hatred culminating with two world wars and a holocaust of unparalleled brutality and slaughter.

"In contrast, it was also a period of consummate artistic creativity that transformed 18th century Romanticism, giving birth to Modernism. Aurally, a door opened to an innovative new music landscape by composers exemplified by Arnold Schoenberg, Béla Bartók, and Igor Stravinsky, and lesser known composers including Alexander von Zemlinsky, Victor Ullmann, Franz Schreker, and many others. Positioned at the vanguard, each had their own unique expression; their music reflects a period of apprehension and longing….

I think that these articles will open new doors to those of us less familiar with classical music, especially in its 20th century manifestations. Enjoy!