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Michael Wex book launch, "Just Say Nu", Gladstone, Toronto, Oct 29

book coverIf you are a fan of Michael Wex (which is to say, if you have ever met him, heard him speak, or read his previous best-seller), and you live in Toronto, you will be quite pleased to know that the new book, Just say nu is out. It's available at Pages and fine bookstores everywhere. The launch party is going to be this coming Monday night at one of Queen St.'s great reformed hotels (unless you were one of the indigent people who could afford the SRO that it used to be), the Gladstone.

The reading is sponsored by Pages—it's part of their "This is not a reading" series which presents writers and artists with new books. Even if you don't want the book, don't want the autograph, it's still worth showing up because Wex is so damn funny.

Why is Wex so funny? I blame it on Alberta, or at least the Calgary Hebrew Day School, which we both attended (me for just a few early years, insufficient for an adequate humor education, in the early 1960s).