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Conference: Music, Oppression and Exile, London, Apr 9-13, 2008

JMI logoYou are invited to attend or speak (and pass this on to those that may be interested) at the conference and concerts in London in April 2008 on
Music, Oppression and Exile:
The Impact of Nazism on Musical Development in the 20th Century

It will take place on Wednesday 9–Friday 11 April 2008

Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

It will followed by two days of concerts and public lectures presented by
The ARC Ensemble (Artists of the Royal Conservatory, Canada) and the English Chamber Orchestra Ensemble

Saturday 12, Sunday 13 April 2008
Cadogan Hall, Sloane Terrace, London, SW1X 9DQ

Papers are invited on any of these broad subjects below or related topics. Papers should be of approximately 25 minutes’ duration (with an additional 10 minutes for discussion). The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 30 October 2007.

  1. Musical life in Europe before Hitler
  2. The mechanics of the Third Reich’s music policies
  3. Dispersal of composers and musicians
  4. Musical life in Europe after Hitler
Within these several smaller themes could be considered.

Invited speakers will include:

  • Gottfried Wagner, great-grandson of Richard Wagner who will speak in a public lecture

  • Michael Haas, producer of the Decca ‘Entartete Musik’ recordings; music curator of the Jewish Museum Vienna; and Research Director of the JMI International Centre for Suppressed Music, London

  • Bret Werb, Director of Music at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

  • Albrecht Dümling, Musica Reanimata, Berlin

  • Erik Levi, Royal Holloway University of London, author of Music in the Third Reich

  • Christopher Nupen, will introduce his remarkable film We Want the Light, which seeks to understand the meaning of music in human experience through the prism of its role in relationships between Jews and Germans

There will be a session devoted to interviewing close family members of exiled composers.

Abstracts of up to 250 words for papers in English should be sent to both of the conference organisers: Erik Levi (Reader in Music, Royal Holloway University of London) and Michael Haas

Fuller details can be found on Website www.jmi.org.uk