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Call for papers: "Music of Yiddishkayt"; Deadline 3 Dec 2007

Dear friends and colleagues!

The new issue of Jewish musical annual "Music of Yiddishkayt" is being
prepared. We announce a call for papers.

The annual "Music of Yiddishkayt" is published in Russian. Its volume is 240 -260 pages. It is dedicated to Klezmer music and Yiddish song, this will be the 4th issue. It is not a scientific publication, we focus on combining a research and popular view of subject. We try to make a book interesting for both a newcomer to Yiddish music, for "an experienced klezmer" and a person who just want to throw a glance at this culture
(and maybe - to stay with us). Among the authors are: Psoy Korolenko, Dmitry Slepovich, Polina Sheperd, Efim Cherny, Zhenya Lopatnik, Evgeny(she) Khazdan, Nina Stepanskaya, Jeffrey Veidlinger, Anna Shternshis, Alexandr Ivanov, Adrianne Cooper, Anatoly Pinsky and others.

The requirements: article should be in Russian or English, not longer than 20000 symbols (about 10 pages). Themes: Klezmer music; Yiddish songs; their history, theory and discussions about modern time; Yiddish singers; new songs in Yiddish and new instrumental pieces. Besides the usual themes, we welcome all
the new ideas and proposals.

The deadline for the materials is 3 December.

Best regards,

Anna Smirnitskaya, an editor. Email Anna

About the last issues (in Russian):
Issue 2006
Issue 2007. Also available at membook.ru/index.htm?books/idishkait07/info.htm or
You may buy a book here:
www.ozon.ru/context/catalog/id/1072722/?page=2 or Email Anna Smirnitskaya