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KlezKamp 2007 Blog

klezKamp 2007 logoNot all of us made it to KlezKamp this year. To get a sense of the what we missed (and to memorialize it for those who were there), Mark Rubin has sent the URL for this year's KlezKamp blog:

image by Bob Blacksbergklezkamp.blogspot.com

You can also view Bob Blacksberg's photo gallery for KlezKamp at rblacksberg.com/ KlezKamp2007/

To get a sense of what KlezKamp sounds like, try the new Podcast. klezkamp. mypodcast.com There's a 13 minute excerpt from the KlezKamp staff dance band featuring Joshua Horowitz, Mike Cohen, Henry Sapoznik, Mark Rubin and the inimitable Cookie Segelstein. Much more to come....

Enjoy! Time to start making plans for next year.