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Greg Wall article in NY Jewish Week

Greg Wall was in town this past Saturday night with his "Later Prophets" ensemble. As expected, they were superb, a unique and exciting blend of hassidish nign and driving jazz. Wall's sax playing was superb, of course. Arele Alexander's drumming, phenomenal. Shai Bachar on piano and keyboards continues to astound me, and David Richards' perfect basslines kept everything together. But you've heard me say all this before. What we really need is to get an audience out to experience this music. Maybe this article by George Robinson in today's NY Jewish Week will help turn the tide. Rabbi Wall will be appearing next week at the Eldridge St. Synagogue. If you're in NYC, check him out. Trust me on this.

His Bima Is The Bandstand, by George Robinson, NY Jewish Week, Jan 30, 2008.