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KlezKamp blog, podcast, Zhurnal

Klezkamp Zhurnal 2008Over 400 people joined us to celebrate Yiddish culture at KlezKamp 23. If you were not able to be there this year, don't worry. We've made it possible for you to experience KlezKamp online.

The KlezKamp blog features accounts of KlezKamp activities, photos, links to clips of KlezKamp concerts and personal reflections about the KK experience, as it happened.

The KlezKamp podcast: You may now subscribe to the KlezKamp podcast. We intend to add new episodes to the podcast offerings on a regular basis. They will reflect not only this past KlezKamp 23, but gems from our sound archive of 23 years of KlezKamp concerts and, more recently, Radio KlezKamp, the in-house radio station run at KK by Mitch Mernick.

Podcasts available at this time include interviews with Elaine Hoffman Watts, Andy Statman, Judith Bro Pinhasik, Ray and Julie Musiker, and Pete and Vera Sokolow. Also available are music from the KlezKamp Youth Orchestra, the Staff Dance Band and the "Philadelphia Shers" by the Elaine Hoffman Watts Ensemble.

You may download these podcasts individually or you may subscribe to the podcast and have them delivered automatically to your computer at www.klezkamp.mypodcast.com. We are thrilled to be able to share these treasures with you. It is just one of the ways that Living Traditions is fulfilling its mission to bring Yiddish culture to new generations in ways both inspiring and relevant to contemporary Jewish life. Fortunately, there is much more to come.

The KlezKamp Zhurnal: Download and read this year's KlezKamp Zhurnal, the beautiful KlezKamp magazine, edited by Faith Jones, with articles, wonderful photos from the Forward Archive and even a even a crostic puzzle created especially for KlezKamp. There are articles on the Mame Loshn: Women in Yiddish Culture theme by Eddy Portnoy, Michael Wex, Henry Sapoznik and Faith Jones, an Artist Portfolio of the work of artist Toby Knobel Fluek and appreciations of KlezKamp faculty members we lost this year: Dovid Rogow z"l and Sidney Beckerman z"l. There are also links to previous years' zhurnaln.