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Fraidy Katz and Polina Shepherd on Montreal Radio

If you didn't catch Hélène Engel's radio show, in Montreal live, you can now listen to the January 28 show featuring Fraidy Katz and Polina Shepherd. The show is in French, of course. The music, in Yiddish ;-). Other recent entries include "Guitare, oud et mandoline," Maria Krupoves, Kleztory, and "Voix de femmes."

You can read more about Ms. Engel in a recent article in Montreal's Suburban, Voyage to the musical world, by Julia Gerke. And, of course, you can read Keith Wolzinger's recent review of her most recent CD, Voyage here on the Klezmershack.

A review of Polina Shepherd's recent Baym Taykh should appear here soon.