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Good food in Beer Sheva

One of the reasons I haven't been posting lately is that I am in a different country with intermittent internet access (and other things, like vacation and family on my mind). But, I feel obliged to mentioned some excellent eats in Beer Sheva. Tonight, we struck gold at a place called Beit Ha-ful in downtown Beer Sheva. It's at 15 Histradrut St., c. Smilansky.

We are talking about the kind of meal you get only in Israel--a huge assortment of incredible salads, ranging from coleslaw to the house special french fries, ful, humous, harif, eggplant, lemon-this, tomato-that, all incredible, with great pita, accompanied by huge skewers or platters of meat and incredible service. This is one of those down home corner places where they don't have fancy napkins or serve imported beer. The TV above our heads was apparently showing the Israeli version of "Survivors". But, incredible service and delicious food.

Of course, I warmed up by listening to Michael Winograd's new album all afternoon—this place needs some klezmer—but otherwise, a total gas.

Later this week, if all goes well, I sense the possibility of Anat Fort in Tel Aviv and some (allegedly) amazing Kurdish singer in jerusalem later in the week. We'll see.