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Austin Klezmorim bring klez to "Festival Institute @ Roundtop"

Ya'll remember the Austin Klezmorim, one of the oldest klezmer revival bands, presenters of my favorite retelling of the Purim story, etc., etc., etc. Bandleader Bill Averbach writes of a new achievement, coming up this Oct 12:

I wanted to mention that we are preparing to do an historic concert in Texas. We're a good group to do historic Texas things in the Klezmer world. We are playing at the Festival Institute in Round Top, TX. This is the first time ever that they have had music other than symphonic performances. And, yes! The Austin Klezmorim are there to blaze new trails into the Vild Vest! EEEEEHAH!

We'll be playing a wide range (no pun intended … yeah, sure, why not a pun) of music starting with the most traditional through to the most contemporary (our stuff).