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Let us remember how lies have been used against us....

Here is a piece sung by Alhambra singer Isabelle Ganz pleading that, however we vote on Tuesday, we not let lashon ha'ra—Lies—determine our choice. (And I remind everyone that, much as I have voted for a major brand this time around—Barack Obama, let I appear to be hiding my own choice, there is a broader choice than between coke and pepsi, between Demopublican and Republocrat, and that diversity of choice is also an important ingredient in our political system.)

Der Lign (The Lie) is a musical response to the smear campaign against Barack Obama. Those who are conducting this smear campaign have tried especially hard to frighten, confuse, and deceive Jewish voters.

What the piece doesn't address is something that should have been addressed loud and clear by all candidates this year. What on earth should it matter in our American democracy to which religion a candidate subscribes, or whether he or she subscribes to any faith at all? Was not the intent of our founding fathers in this experiment in democracy to separate faith and government? Let us, instead, rededicate ourselves to oppose fanatic fundamentalism—that twisting of every faith (or lack, thereof) that insists that it is okay to demonize, to hate, to kill those with whom you disagree, or who are from another culture. That is a true evil.

If you haven't yet taken advantage of your state's early voting already (or if your state prevents that as one more tool in their vote suppression arsenal), don't forget to vote by/on Tuesday.