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Bruce Adler, z"l, 1944–July 25, 2008

Bruce Adler Dear Friends,

Our beloved friend, our brilliant star, our amazing Bruce Adler passed away Friday morning. The shock and the void are overwhelming. We have lost a precious soul and a giant of our culture.

May his memory be blessed. May Amy and his entire family be comforted with the knowledge that he profoundly touched so many thousands upon thousands of lives. He will live on in our hearts forever.

Here are a few obituaries that have appeared online so far;

Moishe Rosenfeld, President
Golden Land Concerts & Connections, Inc.

From Jeff Warshauer
Bruce Adler was a friend, colleague and constant inspiration to many, many of us on this list. He was not only tremendously talented and accomplished, and deeply rooted in the Yiddish theater tradition, but he was also an exceptionally sweet, caring and considerate person. He will be sorely missed. Zol er hobn a likhtikn gan-eydn!

Jordan Hirsch
I only got to meet Bruce once, when we were both appearing on the Lubavitch telethon in NY. He finished his set, then stuck around and listened to us (Kleztraphobix) do our bit. He was extremely kind and supportive.

Eliott Kahn
I saw him on the Lubavitch Telethon and thought he was wonderful. Everything you could ask for in an entertainer: a lovely voice, winning personality and authentic. He seemed to have totally absorbed that wonderful Borscht Belt/ Yiddish Theatre culture.

Lori Lippitz
Here is a link: www.mahalo.com/Bruce_Adler_Dead
Lisa Fishman tells me he had stomach cancer. ALthough in his early 60s, he was recently married and has a new baby. So sad.

Margot Leverett
What a terrible loss. Besides being a living link to the Yiddish theatre of the past, he was also a consummate performer and professional—I learned most of what I know about being on stage and working with an audience from him. He left behind a 14-month old son named Jake. It's too sad. He was a gift to the world.

From the Blog in Dm comes this video of Bruce Adler singing "HooTsaTsa" (and much more)