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KlezKanada 2009 announced, August 24-August 30 2009

KlezKanada logo
Dear KlezKanada family,

With the start of 2009, we begin the intense work that creates KlezKanada's summer institute. The dramatic changes in the world today certainly have brought much change and stress. It is our mission to keep KlezKanada as an anchor in our lives, a continuing center and community devoted to Yiddish culture, music, dance and arts.

This summer we will focus on our core program, drawing on the wealth of resources available to us in North America. The brilyantl, the shining gem of KlezKanada, is our scholarship program. KlezKanada's scholarship program has nurtured and inspired leading young artists. Groups such as SoCalled, Shtreiml, Beyond the Pale, the Michael Winograd Ensemble, Dan Kahn's Painted Bird and Lithuanian Empire, have had a significant impact on the Klezmer scene in Canada, the United States and Europe. Sisters of Sheynville, featuring several of our scholarship students, won Vocal Group of the Year in the Canadian Folk Music Awards. We plan to highlight the work and performance of many of these young artists at this summer's institute.

In the current economic climate, it is essential that we be frugal and plan carefully. We will pause our international outreach program in 2009, looking forward to future East Meets West, Israel Outreach Initiative and more international programs in years to come. The new initiatives from 2008, such as the KlezKanada Winter Session, must also wait. Significant discussions are underway for new programs in Montreal. We hope to share news of them soon.

We welcome you to join us again at the KlezKanada 2009. While the detailed program will be available later in the spring, register now to help assure the success of this year's program. Online registration is available at www.klezkanada.org

Whether or not you can attend this year, you can help us by sharing your KlezKanada experience with family, friends and organizations with which you are involved. Our community continues to form new and deep friendships, and strengthens family ties among two, three, and even four generations. Please expect another message from us in a week or two that you can print, forward and share to help assure full attendance at KlezKanada 2009.

A sheynem dank,
Hy Goldman, Chair
Jeff Warschauer, Artistic Director