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Klezmer Classes in Minneapolis this summer begin June 17, 2009

It took the "insult" of seeing a class listed in another city, as though I had been intentionally ignoring this person's own city, to prompt someone from Minneapolis to send me this information. Don't let yourself be that person--if you have information that is of interest to people interested in Jewish music in your community--either send it in, or don't complain about my not listing it! I still might not have time to put something online in a timely fashion--but that process doesn't even begin until I get the "who what when where" in a form that I can actually figure out what is going on, cut and paste, and present it to ya'll, thus:

Klez Class

Tuition $140
Ages Adults
Instructor: Judith Eisner

Want to find your roots or plant new ones in the rich soil of Eastern European Ashkenazic Jewish music? You’ll learn the modes which make Klezmer music so compelling.We’ll play some of the most popular freylachs, horas, and bulgars in the repertoire. Fiddles, clarinets, trumpets, accordions, keyboards and percussion are the principal instruments in Klezmer bands but anyone is welcome.

6 week class begins June 17, 2009
Classes are 60 minutes long
Wednesdays 5:30 p.m.

MacPhail Center for Music, 501 S 2nd ST , Minneapolis, MN 55401, 612.321.0100


You can view Judith Eisner and her klezmer trio playing, below: