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Thinking "Metropolitan Klezmer"

CD coverThis is a short post—I just don't have time to reduce it to twitter length (follow my occasional tweets at "@klezmershack").

One of the big pleasures of having iTunes on my laptop (esp. since I haven't been able to afford an iPod or similar mp3 player) is putting the whole thing on shuffle so that John Zorn segues to Jewlia Eisenberg to the Klezmatics. Every so often I hear something so good, but I can't place it. I stop what I am doing and take a look so that I can get in some additional listens. This afternoon it was Metropolitan Klezmer—the incomparable Deborah Karpel on "Ot azoy neyt a shnayder" with this crisp, celebration of brass and drums and everything behind her.

Often, life is good.