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New CDs available from JMI, UK

Sent in by the folks at JMI:

New Music releases and additions to our website, 2010

CDE coverSongs of the Bible
A wonderful 5 CD box, with songs inspired by the Tanatkh (the Bible), sung by many of the most famous Israeli singers, such as the Army band, Nehama Handle, Avram Fried, Noami Shemer, Parvarim, Arik Enistein, Shoshana Damari, Arikl Lavi and many more. Total of 125 songs! 5 CD box £28.99

CDE coverShir / Ashk'farad—Vilna, Slonika, Afula—Klezmer and Ladino
New release from Shir, a brilliant UK based band, previously released CDs of Israeli songs and Klezmer music. All songs are traditional and arranged by Shir (exept track 8). Tracks: Hakdama; Silver Wedding; En El Café De Amanacer; Chossid Wedding Dances; Bukovina Freylechs; Cuando El Rey Nimrod; Kishiniever Bulgar; HaKlzmer; Di Sapozkelakh; Skocne (Nifty Freilachs); Scheharchoret; Tanz Tanz Yidelekh; Yo M’enamori D’un Aire; Russian Sher; A Nacht in Gan Eydn; Adio Querida. CD £14.50

CD coverThe Zemel Choir—Celebrate with Song
With Cantor Robert Brody, Marc Finer, and Anne Sadan. Conducted by Benjamin Wolf, piano Michael Cayton. This New release includes 20 tracks of Liturgical music, such as Kiddush , Havdoloh, Adon Olam etc, and Yiddish songs such as Lebn Zol, Tsvei Brivelach, and Isreali songs including Shir Tsilsullim, Hava Nagila, Eli Eli and may more. Total playing time 57:44. CD £14.50

CD coverChava Alberstein / Welcome
New release from Alberstein, who is considered one of Israel’s seminal artists. A group of Jewish and Arab women from Jaffa are featured on Chava Alberstein’s new which demonstrates the power of music to bridge cultural and religious gaps. The women are from Jaffa’s all-women’s choir Shirana , which was launched by the Arab Jewish Community Center of Jaffa in 2008 and includes Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women. Released 2010. CD £14.99

CD coverDudu Fisher / This is Yiddish, The best of Yiddish Songs
CD box including 38 songs and new recordings of the most famous and loved Yiddish songs sung by the most famous Israeli singer and cantor, Dudu Fisher. Box of 3 CDs £27

CD coverIdan Raichel - Within my Walls
Third CD of the Idan Raichel’s Project released 2009. CD includes bonus Single. CD £14.99

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