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New Milken "Virtual Museum"

The Milken Archive invites you to preview its new virtual museum website

Offering a diverse treasure of recordings, oral histories, photographs, videos, scores and commentaries — much of it available to the public for the very first time—the Milken Archive virtual museum is now open! As we begin to release this new content and prepare for the website's official launch in January 2011, we encourage you to explore the role this music has played in shaping the American Jewish experience through cantorial masterpieces, classical compositions, Yiddish theater, opera, jazz and much, much more.

"By coming to America, Jews have been given the freedom to worship, to work, and thankfully, to create, which has yielded remarkable gifts. The Milken Archive will continue to discover, record, preserve and disseminate a body of music as diverse and beautiful as America itself." —Founder, Lowell Milken

Explore the Milken Archive of Jewish Music: The American Experience