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Celebrate the end of Sabbath and that other holiday with some klezmer

This rather delightful concert by Rhode Island veteran Fishel Bresler may have slipped through the cracks. On a day when just about nothing is open, and there is nothing to eat but Chinese Food (and many of us fulfilled that mitzvah last night already), check it out. If you are instead, in NYC, don't forget to check out Tzadik's "Radical Jewish Music Fest; in Chicago it's Jewmongous. Enjoy.

Fishel Bresler Klezmer Hassidic EnsembleFishel Bresler's Klezmer Hassidic Ensemble
Sat 7:30 PM, December 25th
Cong Ohawe Shalom
671 East Ave, corner of Glenwood
Pawtucket, RI

$10 for adults, $7 for (quiet) children under b-mitzvah
Refreshments for sale. Plenty free parking.

Lively & Moving Music, world class musicians, a comfortable environment, a little humor thrown in.

Funded in part by a Folk Arts Fellowship grant from the RI State Council on the Arts.