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Jews and Sufis: A Sacred Bride - Online video link

From Noam Sender, from the bowels of the black hole that has been the KlezmerShack mail folder:

I am delighted to announce that the "Jews and Sufis: A Sacred Bridge" panel discussion and recital held at Temple Beth Zion on October 29, 2009 is now available for viewing online.

Since at least the 16th century, the Maftirim repertoire - Hebrew liturgical poetry set to Turkish makam music for use in the synagogue—demonstrates the deep relationships Ottoman Jews established with members of Muslim mystical brotherhoods.

There are two separate links, the first for the panel discussion and the second for the recital.

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A panel of scholars moderated by Reb Moshe Waldoks speaks on cultural, historical, religious, and musical aspects of the Jewish-Sufi collaborations in Turkey from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

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Following a panel discussion, an ensemble of Jewish, Muslim and Christian vocalists and instrumentalists, including yours truly, play examples of relevant musical repertoire. Attached you will also find the program notes for the recital.