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"Ha Lakhma"

One of my favorite parts of the Passover seder is the prologue, "Ha Lakhma," the verse we sing in Aramaic—the common language, the lingua franca, the language that gave us our modern Hebrew alphabet, the language that was the "English" of that world. The verse basically says, "before we get going, and in language we want to make sure that everyone understands, the first part of this "order," this seder, is to make sure that everyone who is hungry has food; everyone who is needy is having those needs met. When we've taken care of that, we'll take the rest of this show on the road.

I'm not a big fan of the tune that we've been singing in Seders I have attended since childhood. As a "Happy Holiday" gesture, our friends at "Blog in Dm" posted a video of this wonderful new tune for the prologue by Yonatan Raze.