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Video from Giora Feidman's 75th birthday

From Dobe Ressler, currently visiting Israel:

git a kuk - fayne frumer muzikers fun Medines Yisroyel

Fishel Bresler remarks on the Jewish-Music mailing list:

A sheynem dank, Dobe!

The dance they were doing is (as I understand it) the last remnant of the old "Broiges Tanz," once done by the mothers-in-law at a wedding, now done by two guys instead, fighting (*nebech*) over a bottle...death resulting. Followed, of course, by "t'chies hameisim" *(b'ashkenazit)* - the resurrection-of-the-dead dance. It's not specifically a hassidic custom; I've been asked to play it for litvaks, too.