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Adrienne Cooper Khane-freyde bas beyle-buni z"l

From Jeff Warschauer, last night:

"Adrienne Cooper passed away peacefully earlier tonight.
Borukh dayen emes.
Zol zi hobn a likhtikn gan-eydn un zol zi nisht visn mer fun keyn tsar."

Adrienne Cooper, source: KlezKanadaThe funeral will be held on Wednesday in California. A memorial is currently planned in NYC on Sunday, Jan1. Details to follow.

Despite knowing that she was failing, I find myself still unable to put down in words the grief I feel at losing a friend, and the grief of a larger community that has lost a friend, a teacher, an amazing performer and scholar, an advocate and activist. Among her lesser accomplishments is the co-founding of KlezKamp, an annual gathering whose 27th annual gathering convened just yesterday. Ari

In Monday's Forward, Jeffrey Shandler writes: Adrienne Cooper Embodied Progressive Spirit

Judith Pinnolis, who wrote Cooper's entry for Encyclopedia Judaica, expands it and adds her own appreciation: Adrienne Cooper: A Yiddish Light Goes Out