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Back in business

I have been threatening to unleash a new KlezmerShack for several years now. Last weekend, while I was down in NYC attending the memorial concert for Adrienne Cooper I discovered that some behind-the-scenes changes at the service provider where this website is hosted had rendered code last updated in 2007 inoperable.

My bad. Different from paper in a book or shelf, when computer code is put on the Internet, it gradually changes--new vulnerabilities are found; people fix things that may (or may not) have required fixing. The neat package of instructions that worked so well stops fitting its wrapper so well. Leaks develop. Things work less well. The website increasingly resembles the jeans I purchased in 2007--it doesn't look new any more, and sad to say, things no longer fit. In the case of this website, I don't particularly want to put it on a diet, either (analogies take you only so far).

So, things are patched up, but hopefully for the last time. You will see few klezmer updates over the next couple of weeks as I frantically try to figure out how to get things into a new virtual home. Please bear with me.

And for the next couple of weeks, you can share the concert to remember Adrienne and carry on her work, on Livestream.