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"Zog Maran" - Yiddish Passover song remembers crypto-Jews

Dick Rosenberg found this last week and posted to the Jewish-Music list; it's now too late for your seders, but we're at least still in Passover!

I want to share this. We played in an assisted living residence last night and our singer, who is a devout Yiddishist, brought a Yiddish Passover song, 'Zog Maran. I had never heard it before and was very moved by it. It is in Yiddish but tells the story of a Marrano in Spain (a Jew who had on the surface converted after the Spanish Inquisition but who secretly practiced Judaism). The first version, by Martha Schlamme, has the words and the translation.


The second version, by Linda Hirshhorn and Vocolot, is extremely moving.

A zisn pesakh,