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Yidlid website needs support

Belatedly posted, from Helene B. Katz, via the Mendele mailing list:

"The Yidlid—ייִדישע לידער Yiddish songs—website is one year old.

"Each song in the site (almost thirty, and growing) is complete with Yiddish and translitterated text, French and English translations, vocabulary, score, audio file, links to recordings, etc.It has already been visited by thousands of persons from more than forty different countries and we're really grateful for all the messages of thanks and encouragement we received.

"Presently, Yidlid needs some financial support.

"Our seven years old old-faithful computer is slower every day and won't survive much longer. We already extended its life by shifting to Linux when Windows wouldn't work any longer... and are very happy with the change! But it can't adapt to recent softwares anymore. We would like to buy or find a newer one.

"We would like also to spend more time keeping the website growing, and this means finding at least a small income through working on it. If you like the website, and want to contribute, please contact us and we will give you all the information necessary.

"Even small contributions are welcome!

"The website's adress: rama01.free.fr/yidlid"