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Klezmer festival at the Regattabar, Cambridge, MA, 24 Sep 2013

Have I mentioned this yet? So rare that one of Boston's jazz clubs notices klezmer, and here are the two most-frequently-performing local bands in one go. I'm very excited. It's on our calendar. On yours, yet?

"I would like to let you know about a big event that we are putting on next month. Ezekiel's Wheels is releasing their new album, Transported, and Klezwoods will be opening the program up for them @ The Regattabar on September 24th. They are making it the 1st Annual Regattabar Klezmer Music Festival!

We are doing a big push for this show as it's a particularly special event. This could be a good opportunity to bring in bigger acts in the future as well if this festival goes over well in its first year and would be huge for the Klezmer music community here in Boston. Here are all the exact details.

The Regattabar 1st Annual Klezmer Music Festival
September 24th, 2013
The Regattabar
1 Bennett St., Cambridge, MA


Featuring Ezekiel's Wheels CD Release of Transported and Klezwoods