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more praise for "Joy of Klez" charts

No other klezmer book seems to get as much praise over the years. Here's another enthusiastic customer:

I think the Joy of Klez are tops and want to support Lori and the Maxwell St gang. I have a quartet at Tree of Life in Columbia Congregation, SC and Rabbi Sherman has been great in hosting us. We play mostly contemporary Klezmer from Daniel Galay but add traditional tunes and use the Joy of Klez books.

From my own experience in playing Klezmer, the Joy of Klez books are the best. The score provided allows adding instrumentation, but the supplied parts for violin/flute/mandolin, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, bass and piano are very well written, easy to read and not difficult. Best is the fact that CDs are available to hear this music played in style. I am waiting for a second album.

A dank

Bill Campbell
Columbia, SC

To order the books from Tara Music, see: www.jewishmusic.com/search?q=joy+of+klez