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Bellydance Ballet features wonderful klezmer and more

IMG_0192.JPGI just wanted to take a few moments to acknowledge a wonderful performance Saturday night by the ever-inventive Klezwoods who performed their recent CD, The 30th Meridien to the accompaniment of a "Klezmer bellydance ballet". The music was superb, and I was pleased to see that I knew almost nobody in the audience (new fans!). It was a bit disconcerting to realize that this also meant that most of my friends who are klezmer fans were unable to step far enough out of their usual boxes to see what a "klezmer bellydance ballet" might look like. Oops.

In truth, the dance part of the show was not as polished as the music. The belly dance was good, but hard to see—and is perhaps not the best dance medium for a hall with an audience (as opposed to a cafe or restaurant—Karoun's, in Newton, for instance, which features excellent belly-dancing, albeit not to klezmer, every weekend). The other dance components seemed to be more energetic and well-meant than expressive.

Still, as I said, a good time was had by all, and towards the end, when the dancers jumped off stage and pulled members of the audience into dancing to the band, all was very good. The dance story will improve over time. This is definitely something to keep an eye out for and to bring friends to.

The show ended with a lovely piece featuring accordionist extraordinaire Michael McLaughlin, and soon-to-be Cantor, Becky Wexler on clarinet. Written by (or originally captured by) Reb Sruli Dresder, "January 7th, early in the morning" captures Meron tunes, klezmer, hope, and peace. It was a perfect way to end a high energy, wonderful evening.